So what is my photography all about?

How is it different from other professional studios? Why should you consider using me for your photographic needs? Well, here goes.

Iím sure you have seen photographs from “line Ďem up and shoot Ďem” photographers- stiff poses, forced smiles, and ugly backdrops. Not very inspiring. I guess thatís all people think is available to them, or think thatís the way itís supposed to be done. Some may do it because they think itís quick and cheap (then get trapped into buying expensive reprints). I like to take photographs that will bring out the natural best in you and your family, photographs that are relaxed and real, to show how families interact and combine. The reason- families are interactive, not one formal pose.

How is it different from other professional studios? Why should you consider using me for your photographic needs? Well, here goes.

Now a little about my background. 

I was born and raised in Brazoria County, living in Angleton for 37 years, and now living in Pearland. I have always enjoyed looking at pictures, whether it be family snapshots or in magazines such as Life and National Geographic. One year I bought a Canon SLR camera and discovered I had a talent for taking good photographs. Through the years I have taken a lot of different kinds of pictures, and have won several awards in contests, and have even been published. But I think the greatest satisfaction I felt is when I took pictures of my niece, nephew, and some of my baby cousins, gave them to their parents, and then see their happiness and listen to their great comments about my pictures.

Soon I even got calls from more relatives to photograph the births of their children, birthday parties, baptisms, etc. During this time I was told that I should start a side business photographing families and children. So one day I decided to start just that. I purchased some lighting, practiced on myself and family members, showed these around, and had a session booked a week later. What a great feeling that was!

But I wanted to be different from the other studios. 

The way I like to take photographs of people is simple. I lay down a white background for a set. Thatís it. This is because itís simple, itís timeless, it matches anything you wear (even white clothing contrasts enough to look good), and it lets people be the stars of the photograph, not the backdrop. Then the customers are photographed in a variety of poses, from full length to close ups, individuals, the kids together, Mom and Dad together, and of course the whole family. Itís done in a way thatís fun and relaxed. Of course, if there is a local setting that you would like to take photos by- a favorite park, fountain, or other place of your choosing, that can be accomodated too.

And you get to keep every photo taken! 

Thatís right, every photo taken is yours! This number will vary depending on which package you get. No making hurried decisions or agonizing over 1 or 2 proofs to choose from, quite different from most photographers. Plus you even get an “ownerís manual” thrown in with tips on how to care for your photos and order reprints. This doesnít sound like the typical way pictures are done, and itís not supposed to.

But what about the bottom line- the prices? 

You may think my prices sound expensive at first glance, but considering all that you get as compared to other professionals, not to mention the session planning, the session itself, and post-session work, it is really very reasonable. So if youíre only interested in “100 photos for $1.95”, or if youíre not willing to spend a little extra to get better quality on something irreplaceable to your family, this service may not be for you. Instead of charging a low sitting fee, making you choose between 1 or 2 poses on your proofs, and then charging high prices for reprints like other professional photographers, I charge everything up front.

Although your session package may be all you need. 

I give great prices for reprints and enlargements too. You will never get pressured into buying reprints though, only when you want them, even if itís a few years down the road. All the negatives from the session are indexed, numbered, and stored in a fireproof safe, so chances are good that you can order reprints years later.

You will find this a unique service all the way. 

If youíre interested in quality photography of families, children, sporting events, engagements, or other family events and would like to see a portfolio of some of my work. Iíll answer any questions and discuss your photographic needs with no obligation. Thanks.

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