This moment of time

The camera shutter opens in time with the beat of a butterfly’s wing and the film turns a split second into eternity.

This moment of time may be the “thank you” look in a child’s eyes at Christmas, the backlight on autumn trees, the smoldering pile of what was once an aircraft, the horror of war, the appreciation of death, or just how little mugge was dressed on a nice day in September. The perception of the photographer, his reaction to the right moment and his subsequent technique are all factors in producing the picture.


Photography is not just a recording medium – it is the greatest recording medium yet invented. Photography is not a substitute for painting – it is a highly individualised means of expression in its own right. Photography is not a mechanical process – it is the measure of the perception of a man with a camera. 

You can shout things with a camera, whisper things, insinuate things, or just go around with a camera, planting the seeds of ideas in other people’s imaginations. 

Look up, look down, look around you… and when you see people, events, places and ideas coloured by your own perception… Get them on film.

This is Photography.

This endeavour has been born of our love for photography, the amazing medium that allows us to record the beauty and diversity of both British nature and the people who live and work there. Everyone views life differently, and we feel privileged to be able to share with you the way that we see our world.

We design and produce prints and mounted prints and framed prints to special order. Images are available in these formats, so do please contact us to obtain a full-sized original of your favourite Mugge picture.

We are also available for private commissions, portraits, product photography or to cover events.  To see samples of the commissions that we have covered, please look at the “Commissions” and “Portraits” sections in the Gallery. 


Specialises in nature, rural and rural events photography.  She finds human faces endlessly interesting, and frequently explores her subject’s expressions and aims to capture them with the personality that she perceives. Mugge now has several years’ experience in creative photography and commissions.  Mugge has been actively interested in photography since an early age, when she was equipped with a 35mm camera and a small flash unit.  Holidays in Wales and Cornwall then became fascinating!  Mugge obtained her first 35mm SLR in the early 90s and since then has diversified into digital SLR photography.

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