Yes! Just go to our home page (hit marc harris at the top of this page) then hit the clients button, you’ll be asked for a password, type in: wedding. 
You’ll see a sample gallery of proofs exactly like you’d see if we shoot your wedding!

Do you shoot black and white film?

We shoot both black and white film and digital black and white. It’s up to you! 
Most of our weddings are digital and can be printed in color or b&w.

How early should I start my wedding photos?

How early should I start my wedding photos?

Most brides start photos a couple hours before the ceremony, depending on the size of the bridal party, the family, and the location. Sometimes, the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, and take all the posed photos before things start. This approach gives the wedding a more continuous flow, because you join your guests immediatley after the ceremony! But it goes against tradition, so most couples do the posed pictures between the ceremony and reception.

How do wedding guests see my photos online?

We bring custom cards which are passed out at the wedding with one of your engagement photos on the front (a cool one, of course!), and the website info and password (you choose a password) on the back!

Do you shoot film or digital?

Lately, we shoot digital for most jobs , but sometimes film.

How many shots do you take at a wedding?

Alot! There is no set number but usually around 1500.

How Do I Order Prints?

We provide order forms with the proofs, which can be mailed, dropped off, or emailed. Or, give us a call and order over the phone! You may also order directly from our website. Actually, our site doesn’t take orders yet, but all proofs are numbered, so if you make a list with the photo numbers, the sizes you want, whether you want color or b&w;, and any special cropping instructions, you can call it in, or mail, or email it to us.

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